Basic InformationEdit

Report is how the game system delivers various information to players, allowing them to know the result and can check anytime within some days.

Reports consist of four types: March Report, Recon Report, Rumor Report, and Other report.

March ReportEdit

You will receive march report after the army you send with different march order have finished its task or the army has returned to your city safely. The type of report includes: Dispatch Report, Dispatch Return, Transport Report, Transport Return, Scout Report, Scout Return, Plunder Report, Plunder Return, Conquer Report, Conquer Return.

Recon ReportEdit

You will receive recon report after other lords send army to scout, plunder or conquer you. The type of report includes Scout Alert, Plunder Alert, Conquer Alert.

Hero RumorEdit

You will receive a hero rumor allowing you to know his accurate location after you pay Gratuity in Inn to learn more about the Hero you want.


This type of report include Accident Report, Godsend & Disaster Report, Trade Report, Tactic Report, Harvest Report.

Accident ReportEdit

You will have accident report when you Resource and Gold go beyond your Storage Cap. You can build and upgrade your resource facilities/ City Hall and Warehouse to avoid it.

Godsend & Disaster ReportEdit

This report is kind of random. you have the chance of receiving one of this report each hour.

Transaction ReportEdit

After you got the resource you buy from Market or the the resource you sell arrives at the buyer’s city, you will receive the Trade Report.

Tactic ReportEdit

You will receive Tactic Report after you use “Faint Trail” and “Night Stalker”.

Harvest ReportEdit

You will get Harvest Report when you Harvest All in Military Intel panel.


Server will only keep reports of last 3 days.