Basic InformationEdit

Happiness reflects the people in your city are happy or not. This is important because if the value of your Happiness is low, your people will start to leave your city and worsely your city might be conquered by the other players if you are defeated in war!

Happiness FormulaEdit

Happiness + Grievance + Tax Rate = 100

For example, if your city's Happiness is 80, Grievance is 0 and Tax Rate should be 20 percent; If your Grievance is 15, Tax rate is 50 percent, then your stable Happiness is 35. That's pretty easy to caculate.

For what can increase Grievance, please check Grievance page.

What else affect Happiness TemporarilyEdit

As we have seen, Grievance and Tax Rate affect Happiness, what else affect Happiness? The following factors will affect the Happiness temporarily, eventually its value will go back to the above formula.


Relive Famine: It consumes 13500 Grain and it will +5 Happiness and -15 Grievance;

Pray for Blessings: It consumes 13500 Gold, +20 Happiness, -5 Grievance.


If you levy gold or any kind of resources, your people's Happiness will -20 per time temporarily.

Resource CapEdit

If your resource exceeds it's cap, every hour you will have your Happiness going down. Where to find the resource cap value? Move your mouse to the resource icon on the Resource Counter at top middle of the game.


Every 6 minutes, your Happiness will refresh according to the formula caculation.


  • You can adjust your Tax Rate to 100% and use the Pray for Blessings every 15 minutes to maximize your gold gain when they are online; when afk, do remember to adjust the Tax Rate back to normal (like 50% or higher), or your people will leave and you only to find you have no population when you're on the next time.