Basic InformationEdit

City, Suburb and World Map are 3 basic parts in Rock Age. They cooperate with each other and allow a player to build his kingdom, grow strong, and get prepared for the coming war.



City, with 32 empty building sites, a City Hall and a Wall in it, is a place where you can realize the dream of ruling your own kingdom by setting up different kinds of buildings based on your wishes.


Suburb, with a growing number of building sites in it, is a place where you can set up resource buildings.

World MapEdit

World Map, with cities and wildlands showing up in it, is a place where you can handle military affairs such as viewing the physical features of you city and marching out troops.


  • Some buildings in City are connected with others. For example, you need a Lv1 Inn to build the Hero Club.
  • There are also some connections between City buildings and Suburb buildings. For instance, you need a Lv2 Quarry to build the Wall.
  • House, Barrack and Warehouse can be multi-built, and other buildings can only be constructed one unit per city.
  • There are 12 building sites in Suburb at the beginning.
  • The number of building sites in Suburb grows 3 more every time you upgrade your City Hall.
  • Different color of the city showing in World Map stands for different relationship with your lord. Red ones are hostile, blue ones are friendly and green ones are from the same tribe with yours.