Basic InformationEdit

The Beacon Tower is used to send warnings of invasions. The higher the Beacon Towers level is, the more detailed information you gain.


The Beacon Tower is quite an important building in Rock Age. The Beacon Tower will warn you on incoming attacks on your city, and the higher the level of your Beacon Tower is, the more information you will get about the incoming attack. A level 1 beacon tower can inform you that troops are coming, but not how many. With a higher level beacon tower you can see who the player is that is attacking you. Even higher levels will inform you about what types of troops are coming and how many of each type of troop it is. With a beacon tower level 10 you will get information about which hero is leading the attack as well, and you can check up on the hero in the hero statistics.


You'd better have a Beacon Tower in each of your cities and get them to level 9 as quickly as possible. If you’re hardly ever attacked this isn’t very important, but most players are attacked now and then, and then it is a huge advantage to get as much information you can about the incoming army.


Beacon Tower Requirements [edit data]
Level Grain Lumber Stone Iron Building Tech Constr.Workers
1 150 1000 3000 300 Barrack Level 1 none 1
2 310 2080 6240 625 Barrack Level 1 none 2
3 640 4275 12830 1285 Barrack Level 1 none 4
4 1305 8680 26070 2615 Barrack Level 1 none 7
5 2630 17405 52350 5260 Barrack Level 1 none 11
6 5240 34460 103860 10455 Barrack Level 1 none 16
7 1572 10338 203565 20545 Barrack Level 1 none 22
8 20115 130025 394100 39900 Barrack Level 1 none 29
9 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Barrack Level 1 none 37
10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Barrack Level 1 none 46