Why the 2nd city is needed?Edit

As a great lord, your kingdom should be vast expanse and prosperous, which is not supposed to be limited in one city. Bent your bows and sharp your spears, let’s make a step forward by building the 2nd City!

Basic InformationEdit

The higher your Prestige is, the more cities you can control. When you reach Gentry, you can rule over 2 cities. Find a Plain and send over your army to conquer it. And prepare 1000 Grain, 1000 Lumber, 1000 Stone and 1000 Iron for your new city.

Steps to build the 2nd cityEdit

1. Finish ‘Gentry’ quest and upgrade your Nobility to Gentry.

2. Conquer a Plain.

3. Go to ‘City_Hall’ and then ‘Wildlands’. View the Plain you conquered and click ‘Build City’. Make sure that the current city who owns the Plain has 10,000 Gold, 10,000 Grain, 10,000 Lumber, 10,000 Stone and 10,000 Iron or more. Then the 2nd city can be built on the Plain.


A Rally_Point is necessarily built first in the 2nd city. Because if the 2nd city doesn't have a Royal Point, the army from other cities can’t complete transport or dispatch missions. That mean you can’t send army to transport resources or defend the new city.